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Clay Pigeon Shooting

Its Impossible not to enjoy the thrill of blowing clay pigeons to smithereens as they soar through the air, which is why clay pigeon shooting is quickly becoming one of the most popular pastimes in the UK. 

Enjoy a single session of 25 cartridges as a taster or for the more experienced, or make a day of it with a session in the morning, lunch at a local pub and a session of 25 cartridges in the afternoon.

Book on the form when you reserve a room on our website (you will get to the 'extras' page as you progress the booking) or enquire when you check in.




  • Dress in suitable clothing for the weather on the day. If you are cold, have wet feet or overheat it will spoil your experience.
  • Advise the venue if you are a female or a younger shooter. Both female and younger shooters need adapted guns to reduce recoil.
  • Take full advantage of the information you receive from your instructor. They are professionals and know how to take you from missing every target to smashing the clays out of the sky in one session.
  • Watch your team members technique if they are hitting more clays than you.
  • Above all, enjoy the experience. Nothing quite compares to smashing a clay to smithereens as it flies overhead, and most of our venues guarantee that, even if you have never held a gun before, you will achieve that during your session.



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